Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

We created this privacy statement to explain which (personal) data it collects and processes, and for which purposes. Version @March 19, 2022.

Website usage statistics (cookies)

We use the open-source analytics platform Matomo (formerly Piwik) to keep track of website usage. We do this by placing two analytical (first-party) cookies:

  • _pk_id generates a unique number to distinguish one visitor from another. This cookie is stored on your computer for 14 days after your last visit to the website.
  • _pk_ref registers what site a visitor visits our website from. This cookie is stored on your computer for 30 minutes after your last visit to the website.
  • _pk_ses short lived cookies used to temporarily store data for your visit. It’s stored on your computer for 15 minutes after your last visit to the website.

We have taken the following privacy enhancing measures:

  1. We mask the last five hextets of the IPv6 addresses and the last two octets of the IPv4 addresses we collect from visitors (for example:: 2001:db8:7bb:: or
  2. We store the collected data on our own servers that we host ourselves and are located in the Netherlands.
  3. Visitor logs (containing the data listed below) are stored for 32 days.
  4. Our websites will never feature third-party cookies or other trackers.
  5. We not only respect but encourage the use of Do Not Track headers and cookie-blockers.

Through Matomo and the abovementioned analytical cookies, we collect the following data:

  • The unique number linked to the pk_id cookie (see above).
  • Your IP address (masked).
  • Pages you visit (titles and URLs) on our website and the date and time the page was visited.
  • The URL where you clicked a link that sent you to our site (Referrer URL).
  • Links you click on our website that refer to external websites (Outlink).
  • Downloads from our website.
  • An estimation of your location: country, region, city (we don’t collect your exact geolocation).
  • Other data: screen resolution, your local time, website speed, browser language.
  • Browser user agent: which browser you use, your operating system, your device (desktop computer, smartphone, etc.).

We process this data insofar this is necessary for our legitimate interest to analyse the use and functioning of our website(s). Due to the privacy enhancing measures we take, the impact on your privacy is limited and we not ask for your consent.